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Group English Course
The focus in all our courses is on communication

Fast Facts

  • small groups (3-8 students)
  • all language skills
  • general English and business English
  • daily homework assignments
  • 6 levels
  • regular testing
  • weekly self-study package
  • 20 lessons per week


We really believe in the advantage of studying in small groups. Unlike many institutions which advertise “small” groups, our groups really are small! We have as few as 2 students in some cases and our average group size is 5 (and maximum 8). In a small group, students get more attention and our teachers can be more responsive to their needs. As a student, you have more opportunity to talk and interact with the teacher and your classmates. Observes ESL Teacher Randy, “it is easier for students to gain confidence in using the language when they don’t have to speak in front of a large group”. Moreover, everyone “gets to know each other well and becomes very comfortable expressing their ideas in English.”

Course Content

  • based on American Headway textbook series
  • 6 levels – Beginner, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Semi-Advanced, Advanced
  • each level correlates to TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS score ranges
  • 6-8 weeks per level
  • regular testing (eg. biweekly) and opportunity for promotion
  • includes use of coursebook, workbook, access to audio download centre, MultiROM (optional), and online practice materials (optional)
  • supplemental materials include frequent handouts for grammar, vocabulary, Canadian culture, business English, and idioms
  • all skills including conversation, grammar, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, discussion, debate, role play
  • course available all year and begins any Monday

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